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Good prophecy, bad prophecy...

Thank you for your feedback regarding the monthly/"per update" Patreon model. I will continue to keep it running as a monthly campaign as it's simpler and more predictable for many of you. I will try my best with the update schedule!

For anyone who's missed the update emails/Twitter announcements about the S&S book shipping status, I'm happy to report all the international orders have shipped as of yesterday. The remaining US orders placed from November onwards will be shipping out in a week. As soon as I get the info from the printer, I will create a site where you can check your order status. Thanks for your enduring patience... things are finally getting done!

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  • Jan 30 - RainFurrest party crashers!
  • Jan 22 - Update schedule change -- I will have to reduce the update frequency of my comics due to my increased freelancing workload and job search. Patreon supporters, thank you for your support and understanding regarding the matter; your feedback's been invaluable so I will not change away from the monthly contribution system. Tentative changes:
    Nine to Nine - Every other week
    Swords and Sausages - Every other week
    AMA - When I'm unable to update either comic
  • Jan 3 - AMA #62
  • Dec 25 - Happy holidays!
  • Dec 19 - Book shipping update - Books are finally being mailed out, to U.S. addresses first, then internationally. Thanks for your patience! (I got my copy.)
  • Nov 28 - AMA #61
  • Nov 27 - 2015 Holiday sale! -- Until 5-Dec! College Catastrophe books: $4 (30%) off. Swords and Sausages books: $5 (17%) off. CC + S&S bundle: $10 (25%) off. Redbubble items: 20% off all items until 30-Nov
  • Nov 15 - Book shipping delays -- Apologies to everyone waiting for books; long story short, the printer has had to deal with several untimely incidents including a computer crash and a vehicle fire, which caused a delay in production. Please bear with us while we catch up -- I've sent out an email with further details.
  • Oct 27 - Swords and Sausages book shipping update -- Both the printer and I are catching up with the shipments. I will be mailing out the prints this week. The printer is sending out books to US addresses first; they will pause shipments later this week due to Fangcon. Thank you for your patience -- we're all pretty much our own one-man band :)
  • Oct 18 - Swords and Sausages book now available for purchase! -- Things have been sorted out! I'm also running a promotional discount for the next 2 weeks. Exclamation points!! Click this link to buy the book. All Patreon supporters -- past and present -- click this link instead ;)
  • Oct 14 - Still catching up -- Sorry for the delay, but my book printer experienced an untimely computer crash which has put a halt on operations. They hope to have everything back up and running soon.
  • Oct 4 - Back from RainFurrest! -- While I catch up with life, I'll be running the conbook comic this week. Check back every day for a new page! Also, S&S book orders are on hold for a moment while I finalize shipping arrangements. Everything should be ready by next week.
  • Sep 21 - RainFurrest! -- I'll be on the road from 22-Sep to 30-Sep to attend RainFurrest! Nine to Nine will update as usual next week, while S&S will have its regularly scheduled gap week. If I can't draw the next page in time, expect a bunch of RainFurrest sketches and things. Will try my best!
  • May 4 - Attention all Patreon contributors: There are a few of you who are missing access to the subscription content (either because you haven't created an account here, or you've opted out of the Patreon mailing list). You can check by logging in, then going to the WIP page and see if the content shows up. Please get in touch with me if you are missing access! Email jan (at) . More details here.
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