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It's a sign from above!

(Sorry for the late page this week; the art got pretty complicated!)

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occasional nudity and grown-up mischief.

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  • July 20 - Books available elsewhere - The S&S book is now available from Feel Furry (Belgium) and Rabbit Valley (USA). Their shipping rates will be better than mine if you're ordering from Europe or the U.S., respectively :)
  • July 8 - AMA #76
  • June 29 - AMA #75
  • June 24 - AMA #74
  • June 16 - A Spanish version of the Swords and Sausages book? - It might happen! Click here for details.
  • June 16 - Reader contest #5 results
  • June 8 - Reader contest #5
  • May 27 - AMA #73
  • May 25 - Fish fish fish!
  • May 18 - A silly thing - Thanks to everyone who sent me the image of the lion ;)
  • May 11 - AMA #72
  • May 9 - Make-up sketch - No comic this week; have a make-up sketch :P
  • May 9 - Swords and Sausages books are back in stock! - I'm excited to announce the availability of the second edition of the Swords and Sausages book. So what's new?

    • The second edition contains all the pages of the old special edition. The old regular edition now ceases to exist!
    • The dimensions have been reduced to a bookshelf-friendly 11"x8.5".
    • Added the matching Tor and Silver "shower scene" pictures.
    • No more fold-out pages (they were a pain to manufacture), so the art they're on are now double-page spreads.
    • Significant price reduction for everyone, especially for international readers! The book has been reduced from $45 to $29.95. Postage for international readers has also been greatly reduced.
    • Patreon supporters receive an additional 15% off, or 20% off if buying both S&S and CC books.

    Come check out the new store! It's 60% less confusing than the old store :)
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  • Feb 22 - Swords and Sausages book missing contributors' page -- If you've purchased a Swords and Sausages book and find your copy is missing the contributors' page (it should be right after the dedication), please download and print the missing page here. Long story short, there was a manufacturing error and the printer has apologized for the oversight. Still, I'm disappointed this happened :( An email update has been sent out to all affected orders.
  • Jan 30 - RainFurrest party crashers!
  • Jan 22 - Update schedule change -- I will have to reduce the update frequency of my comics due to my increased freelancing workload and job search. Patreon supporters, thank you for your support and understanding regarding the matter; your feedback's been invaluable so I will not change away from the monthly contribution system. Tentative changes:
    Nine to Nine - Every other week
    Swords and Sausages - Every other week
    AMA - When I'm unable to update either comic
  • Jan 3 - AMA #62
  • May 4 - Attention all Patreon contributors: There are a few of you who are missing access to the subscription content (either because you haven't created an account here, or you've opted out of the Patreon mailing list). You can check by logging in, then going to the WIP page and see if the content shows up. Please get in touch with me if you are missing access! Email jan (at) . More details here.
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