The joust

Posted on Saturday, 1 Jun 2013

Jan « 1 Jun 2013
The ultimate battle between black lion Karmakat and white tiger Rei Loire is about to be settled in an arena of mass confusion...

In the stands: Arc Nova, Ratino, Kettlingur Tigre, Xanx, Matgam, Dante, Seawolf, Soriac, Vanbael, Lord Chaos, Tashta, Veronica, Amaruq, KyleT, Quetico, FauxFox, Stevie Maxwell, Sohdakin, Vanx, Jessica, Naalik, Orthank, Owl, Wolfie, Feralcat52, Khaos Silva, Sylentwulfie, Threyon, Lord Daman, Justicewolf, Mune, Dragon Furry, and Casey.
In the arena: Lee, Zaphire, Julian, Tvorsk, Tekara, Rising Moon, Tigermark, Q-dk, Wolf-Moon, Raynard Foxglove, W.J. Billfox, Sam Shepherd, Prof, LionkingCMSL, and Zefiro.
The contenders: Karmakat and Rei Loire.

THANK YOU so much for your contributions! <3

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