Nine to Nine

Jan. 11, 2014 - Programming

CAPTION: Welcome to the Umbrella Framework!
CAPTION: The *fast, powerful, elegant* framework for building webapps of tomorrow. For beginners and experts alike. Put the fun back in coding! The Umbrella Framework -- *we've got you covered!*
JAN: Awesome. I'll give it a spin.

CAPTION: Tutorial > Step 15 > Loading core libraries
CAPTION: In your controller's constructor, load the validation library:
CAPTION: $this->load->library(array('name' => 'validation', 'params' => array('charset' => 'UTF-8', 'run' => TRUE, 'use_flashdata' => $_SESSION['flashdata'], 'errors' => E_WARNING)));
JAN: Man, this would've been simpler coding from scratch.