Nine to Nine

July 12, 2020 - Fuzz testing

WOLF: Hey! You failed to deliver my G.P.S. data!
JAN: G.P...? Jessie gave it to you! She said she was assaulted by Nerf darts as she left!
WOLF: Can we I.O.U. you pummelling me later? Like, very much later?

JAN: So why *are* you sowing chaos here?
WOLF: Real-world software testing! I needed to gather actual user input patterns to optimize the Nap Boxes' comfort-to-efficiency ratio.
JAN: Well, you've got efficiency down. Comfort is scoring a perfect zero.
WOLF: Zero? You must be using it wrong. Were you near Jessie and invoked the “Jessie evasion” mode?

WOLF: But anyhoo. There's been so much garbage input crashing the Nap Boxes that I needed to recall them.
WOLF: Can you hold these four still while I log in to power them down?
JAN: Okay.

JAN: Wolf! Hey, Wolf...?
WOLF: Guuuh, why's there 2.4 GHz wi-fi noise all the way out *here?!*
WOLF: It'd be easier to just power down the entire convention...