Nine to Nine

30 novembre 2020 - Accommodation

Traduit par GalloViking, Toumaï, Adraes, et Rundas

AMETHYST: Numb thumbs and sprained brains? They need to unwind!
JESSIE: You know what would be good? Hot tub.
JAN: Does the hotel even *have* a hot tub?
FINA: I think our room does. Let's check.

FINA: Well, it's not a hot tub, but definitely a jacuzzi of some kind.
AMETHYST: Whooooaa! It's one of those big suites! I've only ever *heard* of these!
AMETHYST: Hang on. I need to send pics to a few people and make them jealous.

JESSIE: May we get room service?
FINA: Let's. I'm starving.

JAN: What do you want to eat? How about a pepperoni pizz--

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