Nine to Nine

13 décembre 2020 - Cured

Traduit par GalloViking, Toumaï, Adraes, et Rundas

CAPTION: Post-room-service-spaghetti-dinner-carbo-crash
JAN: See you all tomorrow.
AMETHYST: I've got more room parties to go to.
FINA: Later!

FINA: Tub's filled. Who's first?
STEPH: You go ahead.
JESSIE: I'll go last. Got these sketchbooks to work through.

JESSIE: Hee hee hee!
STEPH: {Snrrrt}
STEPH: People pay good money for that?

JESSIE: Yeah, scarily enough... oh! Are you cured of your Tetri-vision?
STEPH: Unfortunately.
STEPH: Why'd you draw it all veiny?

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