Nine to Nine

10 janvier 2021 - Trapped

Attention: Ce comic contient de la nudité et/ou d'autres contenus adultes.

Not safe for work

Traduit par GalloViking, Toumaï, Adraes, et Rundas

WOLF: *Gaah!* What are you doing here?!
WOLF: You can't be here --

WOLF: Agh! No! Your clothes are on the doorknob!
WOLF: I can't open the door without touching --

JESSIE: Oh, while you're here...
JESSIE: I don't understand this thermostat/jacuzzi control gizmo situation.
JESSIE: Can you figure out how to turn up the heat and the bubbles?

WOLF: Mmmf mmmf mmf! Mmf mmf mmmf!
JESSIE: "P.P.E."? What's that?
* Personal Protective Equipment

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