Nine to Nine

21. Februar 2021 - Sleepyheads

Übersetzt von Michael Weskamp mit Unterstützung von Render, Rajak, Rei Loire, Kris, Asyr und Art-Gryphon

CAPTION: The next morning
JAN: It's almost 10 am! We should make a beeline for the competition hall and get good seats for the finals!

AMBER: Hey, champs!
AMBER: You look... not so good.
STEPH: Someone pulled the fire alarm last night. I got like 3 hours of sleep.
FINA: We're going to lose so badly.

JAN: The whole hotel got evacuated?
FINA: Yea.
JAN: Well, then logically, if everyone *else* had only 3 hours of sleep, you should not be disadvantaged.
JAN: Relatively speaking.

JAN: So, you can do it!
AMBER: Hey, wake up.

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