Nine to Nine

12. September 2021 - Accomplishment

Übersetzt von Michael Weskamp mit Unterstützung von Render, Rajak, Rei Loire, Kris, Asyr und Art-Gryphon

PROFESSOR BULLSWORTH: This is exemplary, Wolfram. The effort you went through collecting data for the Nap Boxes (tm) has made your research truly solid.
PROFESSOR BULLSWORTH: I'm sure you'll have no problem defending your thesis, and you'll receive funding to continue your endeavors. We're all rooting for you.

PHIL: Hey, Wolf. Your GPS routed us around a protest and to a supermarket that was having a big promotional sale!
JAN: We bought too much Pocky. Care to take them?

JESSIE: Hey, Wolf, guess what? I found a new boyfriend and he's perfect!
JESSIE: But he lives out of state, so I'm moving...
JESSIE: So I guess this is farewell!

WOLF: Uggggh.
WOLF: Damn fever dreams. They're always too good to be true.

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