Nine to Nine

Life continues, without a plan...

Nine to Nine is a sequel to College Catastrophe, following the lives of Jan, Wolf, Phil, Amber, Shiera, Tor, Andrea (Silver from Swords and Sausages) and newcomer Jessie one year after graduating from college.

The main characters


Panthera floofius

Mate: Amber
Skill tree: Programming
Craving: Peanut butter
Mane: Very floofy
Mode of operation: If it ain't broke, optimize it

Jan graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Now working for a small web media company, Jan does computer-y things that usually don't crash, even though his willpower might.

Wolf (Wolfram W. Wolf)

Canis whoops-us

PhD: In progress
Minimum safe distance: 110.7 meters
Fingers: Intact
Pet peeve: Leadfree solder and/or Jessie
What makes him tick: The ticking means it might explode

A doctoral candidate of physics at the local university, Wolf's interest in alternative modes of transportation unfortunately conflict with his other interest in intense chemical reactions. He was Jan's roommate in college, and it's not agreed who inflicted more damage to the other. He's the middle child of the Wolf siblings.


Equus horsey-us

Mate: Shiera (we think)
Caloric intake: Carrots
Favorite recipe: More carrots
Mile run: 5'15"
Perfect pitch: No
Life philosophy: A friend in need is a friend indeed

Everyone can rely on Phil. Except for Phil. Chaos surrounds him. He has to rely on carrots. As a former dorm-mate of Jan and Wolf, Phil graduated with a major in kinesiology and a minor in music, a combination that is admittedly only useful in niche circumstances, such as half-marathon violin recitals.


Vulpes pounceus

Mate: Jan
Console or PC: Yes
Favorite game genre: Action
Average pounce height: 8 feet 9 inches
Metabolism: Overclocked
Life goals: High score is the best score

Amber works as ticketing staff at a major airline, though she aspires to be a flight attendant one day, which is a far departure from her nursing degree. She sees life as one big video game, which can come in handy for speedrunning customers through the ticketing counter. Her inventory management is top-notch, though she's a bit susceptible to power-ups (a.k.a. energy drinks).

Shiera (シエラ)

Panthera japonica

Mate: Phil (she thinks)
Likes: Boxing, wrestling, finger paints
Eyes: Can spot a spitball launched from the back of the classroom
Karaoke level: The microphone has gone missing following a violent outburst
Thoughts about the next five years: I'll quit teaching at the end of the year! I know I said that last year, but for real this time!

Shiera teaches in elementary school, which taxes her nerves more than she'd like to admit. She'd rather be in a jiu-jitsu class reenacting anime fight sequences, which has little to do with her Japanese college degree. Amber is her best friend from college and she makes a mean wasabi-laced sushi roll.


Panthera tigritis

Mate: Andrea
Art style: Bunnies
Computer literacy: Pushing the reset button
Build: Toned muscle-ly Adonis gave way to flabby tiger tummy
Favorite hobby: Hiking
What really matters in life: Keeping everyone happy, especially Andrea

Realizing his fine arts degree had limited use in the real world, Tor turned his creative energy to creating online video entertainment with Andrea. His vision is eclectic, his decisions are uninformed; but so far, nothing has been a complete train wreck.


Vulpes meepius

Mate: Tor
Favorite plushie: Meep!
Favorite dance: Meep!
What does the fox say: Squeak?
Deepest desire: Meep!
Translation of "Meep": Squeak!
What makes her happy: Squeak!

Andrea is a very shy fox -- a bit of a mystery to her friends. They can generally decode her squeaking, but only Tor truly understands her needs and wants. She's a bit of a mischief maker.


Panthera smexyius

Art style: Expressive
Favorite color: Black
Clothing: Less is more
Relationships: Burned; complex
Searching for: Love

Another unwitting art school graduate, Jessie joins our group of friends after a messy breakup. She just wants to move on with her life, but her moral compass is in dire need of recalibration. She aspires to be as well-tuned as her motorcycle.

The side characters


Lynx headdeskus

Jan and Jessie's supervisor at work. Work stress has gotten to her, but no one has the heart to tell her she's gone a bit loopy.


Osphranter roo-fus

The HR manager at Jan and Jessie's workplace. He trades his sanity for job security.

Steph (Wolfelicia W. Wolf)

Canis astronimus

Lifestyle: Goth
Times electrocuted by Wolf: 45
Times electrocuted Wolf: 39
Favorite nebula: NGC 3603
Most unsung skill: Getting mesh sleeves on without snagging them on fur

Steph is Wolf's older sister, and is an engineer at NASA. She specializes in aerodynamics simulation. She has an unknown affliction that randomly transforms her into a larger, fluffier, more savage version of herself.

Fina (Wolfina W. Wolf)

Canis mathematica

Hair: Floofy perm
Favorite Tetris level: 99
Age graduated from high school: 15
Age graduated from university: 19
Favorite class in school: MATH 584, algebraic number theory

Fina is Wolf's younger sister, a whiz-kid at math. Her life options are open at the moment. She wants to be either a professional quantum computing researcher, a professional Tetris player, or a game show host.

Caitlyn Coywolf

Canis latrans x lupus

Wolf's mom. When not checking up on her kids, she's a social worker.

Wolfred W. Wolf

Canis lupus

Wolf's dad. A retired university professor of mechanical engineering, his passion for all things mechanical and unusual has rubbed off onto his kids.

Ammy (Amethyst)

Canis draw-us

Hobbyist artist who attends Tetris-themed conventions. No one is sure how she keeps her hair dyed in a rainbow pattern. She works at an office supply store during the day.

Mister Mousey

Mus mus

Live laboratory subject MUS-2020-13B, property of Eagle State University's Psychology Department, currently on a questionable permanent loan to Wolf.