College Catastrophe

Jan. 27, 2013 - The end


And so we come to the conclusion of our story! It is with warm hugs and fond farewells that we draw the curtains on the escapades of Jan, Wolf, Phil, Amber and Shiera in their college years.

If you enjoyed reading this comic, please consider purchasing a copy of the book, which collects everything you've read plus bonus material not seen online. Book sales help me out tremendously and enable me to continue drawing more comics like this.

"More comics?" you inquire, with piqued curiosity.

I continued writing stories about the College Catastrophe cast in their lives after college. Living on their own, finding a job, workplace antics... things I've personally experienced and found amusing enough to write about. The sequel is called "Nine to Nine", and I'm hoping to bring it to life as a webcomic!

So, grab a book, so we may begin on adventures anew! :)

  • Jan, January 2013