Swords and Sausages

Feb. 21, 2016 - Prophecy - page 10

TOR: I could use a fortune-telling about now. Nothing like buttocks to the face to really drive home a certain message...
KIELA: Hello, Tor. Hello, Silver.
KIELA: We finally meet.

SILVER: Uh-oh. She expected us...
KIELA: Re-*lax.*
KIELA: *Everyone* in Vale Valley expects you two at some point.
TOR: Wait! You’re that fortune teller scamming folks by giving out bad fortunes!

KIELA: Is that what they say now? Hah! I suppose we’re in similar lines of work.
KIELA: Call me Kiela.
TOR: Did the guards chase you out, too?

KIELA: No, there was a barbarian uprising in town. I left when skunk cabbage became airborne.
KIELA: I’m actually a mystic. I just tell fortunes for shits and giggles, until real work comes along.
KIELA: Adventuring parties love ’em, anyway.

TOR: Adventuring parties? Groups of four? Those don’t ever last.
KIELA: Well, with the war breaking out, folks get odd ideas in their heads. There are more and more of them by the day!
KIELA: No one does honest work anymore.
KIELA: Everyone wants to be an overnight hero.

KIELA: Do *you* want to be an overnight hero?