Swords and Sausages

Oct. 25, 2015 - Prophecy - page 3

ROO: Here's the inscription we've been looking for! I think that's Old Dracana. Who still speaks Old Dracana?

CLESS: Old Dracana?
TERESE: I tihnk the barbarian hordes speak a derivative of it... but only one word survives to present day: "Moo".
ROO: We'll have to bring this to town, then, and find a scholar...

CAPTION: After much toiling, sweat, and torn trousers...
ROO: This will do, I guess?
SIGN: Warren the Wise
SIGN: Translation services - Prophetic readings - Travel planner

ROO (O/S): *How much?!* Sixty silvers to decipher this rock?! Do we *look* like we have that kind of money?
ROO (O/S): The very fabric of creation hangs on this, and you want *sixty silvers* out of it?!