Swords and Sausages

Jan. 31, 2016 - Prophecy - page 9

WARREN: “When the age of heroes is upon us, two nations will go to war... leaving destruction and bananas in their wake. Four brave souls, wielding an artifact of immense power, will put an end to the conflict... and sacrifice their own lives for the cause...”
ROO: It all makes sense! The war between Redstone and Sevenshore! And we, the four heroes!

TERESE: But... bananas?
CLESS: Artifact?
FOX: Sacrifice?

WARREN: Look, I’m just translating the inscription verbatim. It’s entirely possible the scribe was mad or had a very poor grasp of spelling.
FOX: I don’t want to be sacrificed!
ROO: But... you can’t escape the prophecy! An unfulfilled prophecy means the war will drag on forever!

TERESE: We spent six months slogging through the swamps of Dragon’s Pit to find this.
But it spells our doom, not our triumph! What shall we do?!

WARREN: Have you considered writing your last will and testament?