Swords and Sausages

May 27, 2018 - Curse - page 27

CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: That is not the king!
QUEEN: Word has gotten out! How?!

CAPTION: In town, twenty minutes earlier...
GUARD 1: *That's* the emergency order?! We have to find a *rabbit*?!
GUARD 2: Yea, the King got turned into one, poor guy! And he escaped!
GUARD 2: I'm reporting to the castle. Pass the word to the other patrols.

QUEEN: What's the fastest way to quash a rumor? Do I take this rabbit in, give the townsperson a coin, and it's the end of that?
QUEEN: Or do I decline the rabbit delivery outright and deny we've lost anything?

CAPTAIN: Perhaps the latter -- but, what if the King escaped beyond castle grounds?
CAPTAIN: And what if someone brought in a white rabbit who may or may not be the King?

MESSENGER: Your Majesty! We have... a situation!