Swords and Sausages

Sept. 2, 2018 - Curse - page 34

CAPTION: Meanwhile, in another town...
TERESE: No good jobs today.
TERESE: Unless you want to help Mrs. What's-Her-Name harvest rutabagas for a half silver.

ROO: Oh? An express pigeon! A rush job?

ROO: "We seek an exceptional sorcerer with expertise in transformation magicks for immediate appointment at Vale Valley Castle. Large reward in coin or title for services rendered."
ROO: "Signed and sealed, Vale Valley Royal Order."

CLESS: Bah. Stinkin' sorcerers.
FOX: Trouble at the castle?
ROO: A large reward!
FOX: Do we *know* any sorcerer types?
ROO: No... but I have a plan.

ROO: We are now hired envoys of Vale Valley Castle, carriers of this royal order. We shall *bring* this sorcerer to Vale Valley... for a fee!
CLESS: May I harvest rutabagas for Mrs. What's-Her-Name instead? We got burnt by that magician last time --

ROO: Nah, he fled with only a few silvers.
CLESS: No, he burnt my pants off!
TERESE: I could've lived life without seeing roasting vegetables.