Swords and Sausages

Oct. 14, 2018 - Curse - page 37

LYNX: What do you think? Should we mess with them?
LYNX: They're probably just rookies looking to impress other rookies.
DEER: Transformation magicks, though. That's nothing to mess with.

LION: You *could* tell them about, you know, "her"...
COW: "Her"? *That* "her"? Do you want the continent to be cleft asunder?

LION: Look at those chumps. Would *anyone* here want to spend a day, a month, a year -- roughing it in a rotten bog with them?
HUSKY: Nuh-uh.
RABBIT: Shit. Always a catch.
RABBIT: So why should we tell them about "her", then?

HUSKY: You can't deny she's the most powerful.
DEER: But that power at the hands of rookies... they'd be fried to a crisp --
LION: But we get to watch, from a safe distance. While the continent is being "cleft asunder".
RABBIT: Ooooooh.
LYNX: I call dibs on the caramel corn!

RABBIT: I'm glad you told us you needed a transformation specialist *before* we set out, but I'm afraid none of us are good with that.
RABBIT: But we *can* offer you something that may help you find someone more capable...

CLESS: Wow! A free "magic find" enchantment! This is great!
TERESE: So how do you know if it's humming because it's finding magic, or because it's attracting songbirds?
CLESS: Does it matter?