Swords and Sausages

Feb. 24, 2019 - Curse - page 45

THIEF 1: "The King's been turned into a rabbit by wild magick and escaped. Is it any one of your doing? Royals are paying for rabbits delivered to castle. And for someone to reverse the transformation. Intercepted castle conversations enclosed."

THIEF 2: Intriguing! Mayhaps an escalation of the war with Redstone? A vial of magick poison, slipped into the King's drink!

THIEF 3: Wait wait wait. What the hell's with the other part --
THIEF 3: The royals are *paying* for any old rabbit brought to the castle?

THIEF 1: The letter does not elaborate.
THIEF 3: If we could nab a hundred -- no -- a *thousand* rabbits, that could pay us comfortably!

THIEF 2: I'll go stalk the rabbit breeder and hijack their delivery chain!
THIEF 4: Imma set up an exchange-traded fund to track the price of them wabbits.

THIEF 1: The rest of you: if you got nothing to do, I want you back with traps, snares, and cages --
THIEF 1: -- or otherwise be ready to comb the countryside for rabbits tomorrow morning!