Swords and Sausages

Sept. 27, 2020 - Bun hunt - page 31

KIELA: Well... um... I'm pretty sure the dragon is after me. I gave her the glowing eyes...
TOR: Why? What's *that* do?
KIELA: Makes her look awesome?
TOR: ... Why?
KIELA: It's a long story. She's *supposed* to be a stone statue right now, but I guess the spell wore off.

KIELA: {Sigh} Maybe the magic academy was right after all. My spellcasting did no one any good.
SILVER: Magic academy?
KIELA: Yeah...

KIELA (O/S): I was the top of the class.
KIELA (O/S): Everyone had to do a final dissertation for their degree.
KIELA (O/S): I wanted to demonstrate magic could safely be used in the wild.

KIELA (O/S): As you might now, using magic outside of academia is forbidden in this land, because no one has demonstrated complete control over it.
KIELA (O/S): We still see scars left upon the terrain from magical battles of yore.

KIELA (O/S): So I spent the entirety of my senior year poring over ancient tomes, eagerly discovering untaught theories to form one of my own.
KIELA (O/S): I was confident I had grasped the nature of the magical arts.

KIELA (O/S): My classmates, on the other hand, were either fearful I had become a dangerous liability --
KIELA (O/S): -- or they were afraid I'd wreck the grade curve.
KIELA (O/S): Take your pick.