Swords and Sausages

Oct. 11, 2020 - Bun hunt - page 32

KIELA: Anyhow. The dissertation deadline approaches.
KIELA: I ventured into the... uh, *former* Kingswood Forest outside Vale Valley to do a practice run.

KIELA: There, I found the dragon...
KIELA: And I naïvely thought, what better way to demonstrate my cause than to subdue a wild beast with magic?
KIELA: Instead of crossbows, spears, nets, unnecessary endangerment and dismemberment... magic *has* to be the safer alternative!

KIELA: Beside,s who *doesn't* secretly want a pet dragon?

KIELA: First, I cast a spell to make her eyes glow.
KIELA: I thought it'd make her identifiable and look great for my presentation.
KIELA: Then, I began casting an enchantment...

KIELA: But just as I did, I was interrupted by a faculty member who had trailed me.
KIELA: Apparently, my classmates, not knowing my intentions, had notified the school administration in order to keep an eyo on me.

KIELA: The enchantment spell was cut short by a syllable and punched the dragon in the face.