Swords and Sausages

Nov. 29, 2020 - Bun hunt - page 35

TOR: Oooooh.
TOR: Is *that* where the crater came from?
KIELA: Indeed.

KIELA: After a week of incarceration, I was stripped of my student status at the academy.
KIELA: In the meantime, the administration had swiftly begun orchestrating a big cover-up to protect themselves from the law.

KIELA: They claimed a huge, subterranean fissure exploded and unearthed the site of an ancient battleground.
KIELA: The academy and I made a mutual promise *not* to report each other to the authorities. I was tasked to convert the crater into said battleground.
KIELA: We had to buy a lot of rusty swords.

KIELA: To their credit, the academy kept true to their word and I walked free. My attendance records were completely scrubbed.
KIELA: Any trouble I stir up henceforth... has naught to do with them.

KIELA: As for the dragon, I planted a grove around her and hoped that one day, I could go and revive her.

KIELA: But it seems that day has come early...