Swords and Sausages

13 décembre 2020 - Bun hunt - page 36

Traduit par GalloViking, Toumaï, Adraes, et Rundas

KIELA: So. You booped the dragon?
SILVER: *He* booped the dragon!
KIELA: She'll be rather angry about that.
TOR: Uh... yeah.

TOR: But that was after we thought it was chasing us because we ticked it off with a flock of maniacal chickens.
TOR: And tied it up a tree.
TOR: And taunted it with a pineapple.
TOR: But never mind that, because --

TOR: -- *This* is our ticket to certain riches!
TOR: I mean, roof repair budget.
KIELA: Okay?
TOR: We were catching rabbits for the thieves' guild because King Leonidas got turned into one and there's a reward to bring him, or *any* rabbit, back! But then we came across his *actual* crown!

SILVER: So if we brought both the crow *and* this random rabbit back to Vale Valley, we could claim w' found the King, and scam the kingdom for the biggest reward they could offer!
KIELA: The rabbit seems... off.

KIELA: {Gasp!}

KIELA: Right. You need to get to Vale Valley safely, but with a dragon on your backs...
KIELA: Tell you what. Tomorrow, we'll have to pay a visit to an old friend of mine, a little ways out of town, who might be able to help us...

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