Swords and Sausages

Jan. 17, 2021 - Bun hunt - page 37

TOR: Can't we wait until the rain lets up...?

KIELA: It's best we don't. Time is against us.
KIELA: So, here's a map of the area.
KIELA: You two will head out of town and follow the King's highway for roughly two leagues.

KIELA: There will be a tower on your right in a grove of trees. Go knock on its door and tell the alchemist I sent you. His name is Warrick --
SILVER: Alchemist?
TOR: We're making gold?

KIELA: No, no. We need him to brew a potion. Something that will repel a dragon.
TOR: Ohhhhhh.
KIELA: Bring him this formula and hand him this basket of pastries as payment.
KIELA: I'll await your return...

TOR: You're not going?
KIELA: I need to bail water out of the house...
TOR: What if we are attacked by the dragon? Can we use the potion?
KIELA: Err... try *not* to? And try not to use *all* of it...?