Swords and Sausages

Jan. 31, 2021 - Bun hunt - page 38

SILVER: I don't know, Tor.
SILVER: Kiela knows the way to the alchemist and can fend dragons off on her own. Why can't she do this herself?

TOR: Well, we're still in her debt for a free place to stay, and dinner, and the roof situation, *and* keeping the rabbit and the crown safe, and --
SILVER: How do you know she just isn't going to run off with our stuff and claim the reward for herself?

TOR: She doesn't seem unscrupulous.
SILVER: She blew up half the countryside!
TOR: But then she stopped soon after!
SILVER: She was in jail! And partook in a cover-up!
TOR: Silver, she's just like us, only more successful. Look:

TOR: If she can trust us to bring tasty pastries to a friend --
SILVER: ... Which you are eating...
TOR: -- we can trust her to keep our stuff safe.

TOR: Chickens!

TOR: Nooo! Don't eat the formula!
SILVER: See? How could she trust us when even *I* wouldn't trust us?!