Swords and Sausages

14 février 2021 - Bun hunt - page 39

Traduit par GalloViking, Toumaï, Adraes, et Rundas

TOR: You know *why* Kiela trusts us? Because we're great at improvising!
SILVER: {Sigh}
TOR: We can bring a chicken instead!
SILVER: *You* carry it.
TOR: We can just show up, be charming, gift a chicken, describe the formula, and be on our way!

TOR: Which way were we headed, anyway? A tower should be rather obvious, right?
SILVER: That might be it, over there...

SILVER: I take it the alchemist went out of business.

SILVER: Look at this one! Cute!
TOR: That can't be right. It's on the *left* hand side of the road.

TOR: Aren't you glad we brought along a sacrificial chicken?

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