Swords and Sausages

July 28, 2019 - Bun hunt - page 4

TOR: Hi, we're here to catch rabbits, and there is a password.

GUILD LEADER: Not so loud! Get in here.
GUILD LEADER: You're late. Everyone's already set off.

GUILD LEADER: Here's the deal. We're all fanning out across the countryside like so. Catch what you can. Whatever rabbits slip through will be caught when we turn around mid-day and flank them toward town.
GUILD LEADER: Unconfirmed accounts say the price of rabbits tripled to 60 silvers overnight. We must seize the peak. Time is of the essence.

GUILD LEADER (O/S): "Get whatever you need from the supply room, and move out!"
TOR: Smoke bombs!
TOR: Blinding powder!
TOR: Sleeping ether!
SILVER: Poison darts!
SILVER: "Wyldfire oil"...? What's "naphtha"?
TOR: I can't decide what to bring! I mean, *everything's* useful... and everyone else has got what they need and no one's stopping us from grabbing everything *else*... so...

TERESE: It's either 15 coppers to cross or... *what?!*