Swords and Sausages

June 1, 2014 - Road warriors II - page 10

RED SOLDIER: Wait -- so you have no idea who we are...?
SILVER: Not a clue.
BLUE SOLDER: For real?
TOR: Ready to engage galloping speed, milady!
RED SOLDIER: Please don't.

BLUE SOLDIER: {Sigh} I'm a knight of the Bluecloaks from Brynn-on-Sevenshore. He's from --
RED SOLDIER: Redstone Keep, before you offer a more colorful description.
BLUE SOLDIER: Whatever. My host has been trying to drive his bloody army out of these lands after an unnecessary invasion.
RED SOLDIER: Invasion, right. After your insane king decided to proclaim the entire continent as his domain with zero deliberation?

BLUE SOLDIER: Anyway. We had a skirmish out here, but this damned village didn't bow to anyone from either camp.
BLUE SOLDIER: They put up a fair fight.

TOR: Hold your horses--!
RED SOLDIER: That's not funny!
TOR: You mean there is a *war* going on?!
BLUE SOLDIER: You had absolutely *no idea?!*